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10+ expert strategies to attract loyal customers
that hit “buy it now” on repeat.

Hosted by Reese Spykerman

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Great e-commerce brands
don’t happen by accident.

If you want to...

  • Race past every one of your product sales goals (think Forrest Gump on a football field)
  • Have your Instagram DMs blow up with “where’s the buy now button?”
  • Confidently get publicity for your products (Holiday Gift Guides anyone? We need some cheer this year, damnit!)

...without feeling like you need to be sponsored by [INFLUENCER A LA KIM KARDASHIAN] to
call in your ideal customers and get them to buy from you. 

Time for a Costco-sized sigh of relief, because you can. 

Let’s get real about this
ecomm gig for a second...

When you started selling products online, you didn’t know you also
had to become Martha Stewart meets Steve Jobs, did you?

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How do you get it all done
(while packing and shipping your goods)
and scale your business?

(without working 80-hour weeks to make it happen)

Start by grabbing your free spot in The Commerce Collab!

—exclusively created for e-commerce brands—

This masterclass series brings together 15 of the kindest and smartest e-commerce strategists, copywriters, social media experts, and designers to talk about how to grow and scale your product-based business this last quarter of 2020 (and beyond).

What if your online presence
was more important than you realize?

You want customers lining up to buy from you while feeling grounded and energized with your systems, sales, and plans. 

Be prolific and the visionary Taylor Swift of [insert the awesome products you make.

These e-commerce
experts will help you...

  • Peek inside the brain of your customer to know what she really wants and needs
  • Send promo emails that get opened, read, and clicked
  • Tell your founder's story in a way that connects with people and turns them into loyal customers
  • Queue up Instagram posts that STOP THE SCROLL and get people dropping you DMs of “tell me more!”
  • Confidently create Facebook ads that set you up for consistent sales with loyal customers

Expert guests have been featured in...

Becky J. Anderson

Becky J. Anderson

Bernadette Jiwa

Bernadette Jiwa

Brenna McGowan

Brenna McGowan

Brianna Ross

Briana Ross

Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah

Gretchen Oris-Chong

Gretchen Oris-Chong

Minna Khounlo Sithep & Jacqueline Snyder

Jacqueline Synder & Minna Khounlo-Sithep

Laura Belgray

Laura Belgray

Linda Spence

Linda Spence

Lisa Simone Richards

Lisa Simone Richards

Michelle Martello

Michelle Martello

Reese Spykerman

Reese Spykerman

Shahram Anver

Shahram Anver

Tanika Casimir

Tanika Casimir

During this totes FREE masterclass,
you’ll get access to:

  • 14 Interviews with 15 leaders exclusively for physical and digital marketers.
  • Private Facebook Community to Continue the Conversation.
  • Daily Facebook Live Q+A Sessions for ALL Your E-commerce Marketing & Scaling Questions
  • Win Prizes! (We’re talking Biz Book Bundle, luxurious self-care body products, fancy wireless speaker, website review, and more!)

When you register for The Commerce Collab, you’ll get access to the interviews from
September 21st to September 29th to listen, learn, and connect.

Discover things like...

  • Confidently Get Media Coverage for Your Brand
  • Fast Track Your Biz Growth with Videos that Connect with your Customers
  • The EFAB Method for Emails that Get Opened, Read and Clicked
  • The Meaningful Method of Attracting Customers with your Founders Story
  • Stop the Scroll on Instagram (and hashtags that actually work)
  • The Sane and Doable Facebook Ad Formula
  • How to Tell Stories that Segue Perfectly into Asking for the Sale
  • The Quiz Quadrant Secret for Customer Acquisition
  • Delightful Digital Add Ons for More Product Sales (and happier customers)
Reese Spykerman

Meet your host

👋 It’s me, Reese Spykerman

(gonna slip into the 3rd person because it’s 2020 and everything’s weird, so why not?)

Reese Spykerman is a website conversion expert who has helped e-commerce businesses reach their first $10k months and sell out of their products. Now she helps women with physical or digital products scale their stores to 6 figures and beyond with genius conversion strategies and websites that do the work for them. 

When she’s not helping clients and students build a business that gives them more cash and freedom, you can find this journalist and designer turned-strategist traveling the world (when we all can fly again) to discover new culinary treats like Tsukemen Ramen (Japan) and Coconut Chendol (Malaysia).

If you’re still reading all the way down here,
we’re kindred spirits

(my 8th grade writing teacher told my mom,
“She’s like a little professor!”)

So let’s get professory for a second.

Bloomberg reports that as they head into Q4 this year, big box brands are keeping inventory LEAN as uncertainty persists.

Which means an opportunity for YOU to step in and bring the goods (and gifts!) when big brands can’t or won’t.

But only if you know how to put opportunity into action.

Uncovering new ways for you to...



confidently sell your products

And leveraging what might be the greatest moment in history for small, online product-based businesses -  capitalizing on becoming a customer staple and favorite.

Are you ready to tap into this new path to professional and financial growth?